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    Thursday, October 4, 2007

    Dr. Naturopath and his "Mud"

    Myself and my wife used to watch him on Sadhana TV at 9pm daily and "his" lectures impressed us a lot and I was sufferign from "some" illness and thought that we shall go and consult with this Dr. Naturopath (office Vasant Kunj, New Delhi). We took and appointment and viited his office to find that 2 teenaged girls at reception who kept talking all the time not even bothered to think even once about waiting patients. Dr. was absconding from office without traces and I had to remind the "girl" twice before she called him and reported that he is on his way to office and will be here soon.

    Finally my wait was over and I saw "him" in real and he was no different from what I saw on TV....I thanked God for that :)

    And the real drama was about to start now...we got the call and entered his room, to our surprise he was very fast with his analysis and told us that you need to follow a particular diet for one month as the carbon needs to be removed from your body (stomach)...and fo that you need to apply "Mud" on your stomach......and he continued non-stop and told us that the cost of one month "mud" package is Rs. 9000 myself and my wife were in shock to hear that as we never thought that it would cost so much.....

    My wife was first to recover from "the shock" and asked him what so special about this mud, why is it so costly? Doctor was ready (should I say pre-programmed) with answers and said that it's prepared in Shimla and contains "special" herbs. He also added that he is the only MD Naturopath in Delhi and NCR region.

    I gave my wife a hundred question look and she responded with eye contact and I understood that it's a "no" from her side. So I said that we are not carrying that much money with us and to my biggggg surprise the doctor said that he will send a guy with us and he will pay the auto charges also and we can pay the guy in cash at home or thru cheque as well......he said why are you thinking so much........he also added that he will get me on TV after one month. He added that you please call my wife tomorrow and she will guide you about your diet. Here I realized that this doctor is not interested in treatment but the money and selling mud because he is ready to give me mud right now but not giving me the diet chart. Meanwhile her wife (dressed like typical middle class punjabi business woman) entered the room and left some papers on his desk.

    We had not clues whatsoever and we agreed after another round of eye-to-eye conversation and soon a teenager guy appeared with a polybag containing 10kg of shimla made "mud".

    We left for home dreaming that after one month I will be alright and will be a TV star (just kidding), I draw money from nearby ATM, handed it over to the guy and then I realized that the doctor did not gave me any reciept or form or card.....so I dont have any record of my meeting, deal or treatment but I was not bothered as such as I was more focused on my healing.

    (to be continued....)
    I will be posting more details about my treatment and the business house this dcotor is running from Vasant Kunj New Delhi Office.


    1. Hello friends i was also gone to Dr. K.C Garg i m suffering with CKD and he said that you have to apply this mud on your tummy for 6 months and charges are 9000 rupees for one month i said that can u give me this for 7 days and if i found any improvement then i will purchase more but he conveyanced me to purchase minimum 3 month stock value 27000 but i said sorry i dont have money right now then he said i can give him cheque, Credit Card, Debit Card or any way payment. His way of talking is like a person who only wants to sell his mud rather then treatment of any person.
      He is not behaving as a Professional Doctor his behaviour like a Chor Bazar Selesman
      i really very disappointed.

      Can anybody tell me is his mud is really can helpfull in internal organs by just applying on tummy ?


    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. I was also planning to go to this doctor, but thanks for this post, Can someone tell me how to apply this mud and for how much time. I have diabetes and am 36 years and taking insulin for the last 2 years. Thanks in advance.

    4. Dear Sir,
      I would like to share my experience with Dr Garg. I'm an accountant with a Pvt Ltd Company, suffering from Diabetes from last 5 years,I'm 30 years old, initially i started taking medicine for the same but from last one year it got out of control & doctors recommended me insulin, then i visited Dr Garg 3 months back, he listened to me patiently & given me treatment which was costly, I told him frankly that i can't afford the same, he offered me the treatment free of cost for one month initially and gave a diet chart to follow, after one month there was a lot of improvement in my sugar levels, i visited him again with my progress and he then gave me treatment for another one month, now after 3 months i'm almost normal & just following his diet chart.. I was overweight, with his treatment i also manage to loose 5 Kgs in 3 months.. To me he is like god, who saved me and help me got rid of allopathic medicines which had a lot of side effects, I would urge to all that if you can not afford it please tell him frankly & he might treat you for free. Regards Bharat Gupta

    5. Mr Bharat! Probably you got lucky with him or may be he is also reading this blog and not became little consicious in his dealings, but in all this is probably 1 out of 100 cases that I have personally met/heard about him.

      Good luck, and we are not questioning on the treatment but the real question was on his dealing and charges.


    6. Dear Sir,
      I am not an expert to comment on his dealing & charges but one thing is for sure hew is the best in his field & his treatment has cured me. As far as charges are concerned it was free for me but we anyways spend lacs of rupees in Allopathic treatment/ Hospitals without any permanent cure. Infact the medicines i was consuming & the cost of insulin which i was suppose to take everyday gave me sleepless nights. Warm Regards Bharat Gupta

    7. This dr. knows all the tactics to lure patients in his net and sucks big amounts from the. This bastard even tried this with me and my husband but I gave him a solid dose of loud comments, he'll never forget. Authorities must take action and he should be thrown in his mudhole.

    8. This anonymous bastard is dr. Garg himself.

    9. Hii I m lalit , my father is suffering from high diabetes and 46yr old , I m plaining to go to this doctor. Could u plz tell me about this dr or advise me .
      Thank u all .
      May u live long
      From lalit

    10. i suggested this dr to many ppl and in diabetes this mud is excellent result comes so frequent so lalit and rakeh can go there


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